Date: WEDNESDAY, September 12, 2018

Guest Speaker

Ryan Stewart


Turning Ideas Into Royalties

Ryan Stewart will be teaching a class via Skype called, Turning Ideas Into Royalties. In this presentation he is going to show you how he made $30,000 on his first product invention before selling a single product. In addition to that, he will also be teaching 3 secret tips that only professional inventors know about that help make them successful.

Secret #1 - How to invent at least 10 new product ideas in 30 days without being a super creative person….

Secret #2 - How to get a company massively interested in your product before they even see it….

Secret #3 - How to deter someone from stealing your invention idea without paying for an actual regular patent…

If you have ever thought of an idea for a new product but did not know how to profit from it, then you are not going to want to miss this presentation. This could be your chance to learn the information needed to get that product idea off the ground.

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, licensing expert and public speaker. He is the inventor of ArtSplash by Mattel and is best known as the winning inventor on the first season of ABC’s The Toy Box TV show.

Ryan has started around 30 companies in the past 25 years and has been involved with many licensing deals. Over the past year Ryan has dedicated most of his time to teach and mentor inventors on how to get their products to market through licensing. He is the founder of an educational and mentoring program called Licensing Basics. Licensing Basics sole purpose is to educate regular people on how to come up with product ideas and then mentor them through a seven-step system on how to present those idea to large companies for the chance of a licensing deal.

See Ryan On The Toy Box Season 2 at and see how

Artsplash was made at

San Antonio Technology Center (SATC)
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