Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

In Honor Of National Inventors Month – Free Pizza

Guest Speaker:
Bill Bragman

The Jump
Are you willing to give up everything you have today to make “The Jump”? Bill Bragman was asked that question almost 14 years ago when he started YakGear, in Houston, Texas after working 40 years in the Retail Marketplace. Bill has had a passion for business as well as the creation and design of products all the way back to his early years. He has grow Yakgear into one of the largest providers of Paddlesports products in the United States. Fourteen years later, the answer to “Can you do this and make a living?, is yes. But you have to be willing to make “The Jump” and be willing to give up everything and focus on your true goals.

Bill, a patent holder, will provide a frank look at what to expect after you have come up with an idea for an invention. He will share information on what inventors and small business owners truly need to understand in order to bring a product to the marketplace, as well as to understand the true pitfalls to watch out for in the marketplace. Bill will provide detailed strategic information so that you can make “the Jump” and be successful to. “Sometimes the invention is the easiest part of the process, the hardest part is what it takes to bring it into the marketplace,” says Bragman. He also stresses to be careful of those helping hands sometimes, as they may only be trying to help themselves.

YakGear not only sells their own branded products, but also distributes products for other companies such as Railblaza, Backwater Paddles, Fish Grips, Bixpy Motors, Dakota Lithium Batteries and other brands. Bill recently started Worldwide Survival Systems, which is set to open in May of 2019. It offers products in the Marine Marketplace to help boaters if they are separated from their craft. YakGear offers Paddlesports and Marine accessories through their 2 main sites at and

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