Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker

Debi Burrows


Using Social Media Power To Promote Marketing

What is Social Media? Why does everyone need it? How can it be used to your benefit? Debi Burrows,, will answer these questions in her January presentation to Alamo Inventors.

Aside from serving as a fantastic means of promoting lively discussions and exchanging ideas, social media is a virtually free and boundless way to reach large groups of people, particularly in a vast geographic region. Not to mention, it can allow you to listen to individuals and audiences to discover new and evolving concepts.

Whether it is channeling your target audience, sparking a new idea, promoting your inventions or simply connecting with likeminded individuals, social media paves the way for generating innovation. And as innovators yourselves, these attributes can allow you to grow professionally and personally in more ways than one.

Debi started her business 26 years ago and during brainstorming, she found herself designing and constructing a hand-painted outfit for her small son that looked like he was wearing a penguin suit. Her creation became incredibly popular as everyone wanted one with unique variations. In 1993 Debi went from being a stay-at-home mom and started her business using her husband’s business computer. She built her first website and sold clothing as far away as Germany. Debi’s father, an entrepreneur, was great at businesses, but he was not so good at promoting. So, at 9 years old, she wrote her first press release for a local paper. The story ran, the restaurant did well and the rest is history. Debi went to college, her goal being to work with small business owners to help them promote marketing of their businesses.

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