Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker:
Hiram Skaggs

Having A Great Invention Is Not Enough

Hiram Skaggs, business performance advisor with Insperity,, which is an HR and Business Management company here in San Antonio, is giving a presentation on the impact of sales training on the businesses of entrepreneurs and specifically inventors.

Mr. Skaggs will discuss the invention of fellow inventor Mark Penick. Mark invented and patent protected “Ice Grip”, an incredible non-slip application that has potential to be very profitable. He has tested his invention extensively and partnered with UTSA’s business incubator. All he needs now is a deal for him and his partner to license or sell Ice Grip and scale up production to bring it to market. For every deal, sales is the lifeblood of businesses. For inventors and entrepreneurs this is even more crucial. Learn the A.B.C.’s of selling and the F.A.B. (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) process of closing the deal. From idea to sold business or licensed product, this presentation will take Mark’s Ice Grip and give it real life sales potential.

Hiram’s many years in sales management gives him a unique perspective on how to put the rubber to the road when it comes to monetizing your product. Whether you’re pitching to investors, retailers, or the public, there are road signs and guidelines to help you smooth out and improve your process. When you improve your process, you greatly increase the prospects of making the sales you want.

Hiram is a graduate of the Enterprise Management Training Program, has a Maxwell Mastermind Certification, is accredited through Dimensions of Professional Selling and completed the Ryerson Sales Training and Management Program. He has owned his own sales process company, SWC Sales Management, which has helped businesses streamline and improve their sales processes, and helped entrepreneurs sell their products and services to become profitable.

Meeting Flyer: Having A Great Invention Is Not Enough (pdf)

San Antonio Technology Center (SATC)
3463 Magic Dr
San Antonio, TX 78229
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