Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker:
Tom Adams

Reinventing The Shoelace Tom Adams, the inventor of the KAEPA TWO-LACE and the SPLIT-VAMP SHOE whose sales in the U.S. and Japan grew to $100 million, will provide insight into both the detail involved in further improving these shoe closure designs and the process involved in acquiring related patents and trademarks.
In 2010, Tom Adams gathered a select group of experienced shoe people to establish Fit Squared Shoes, LLC (“FIT2”} as a research facility to study and improve shoe closure.
FIT2 took a long hard look at the shoelace with the goal of finding a closure system that would be easier to use, adjust and support the entire foot, not just the midfoot, as does the shoelace. He required a system that could be easily reached and fully adjusted by every wearer without compromising appearance and style and could also be used on all types and styles of shoes.
Over eight years, two distinct multi-faceted shoe closure systems were invented, developed, tested, and patented. Just imagine, no more shoelaces to stretch for, tie, break or trip upon! Having reached his design goals and with the circle of U.S. and international patents issued, FIT2 is now ready to transfer these intellectual properties, by sale or license to an entrepreneurial footwear company for use on its current products and/or to be used as the linchpin to establish one of more new brands. Tom thinks that these new closure technologies may well change the pulse of the footwear industry!
Tom will be pleased to demonstrate the many possible design variations of the FIT2 Single-Pull and Double-Pull Shoe Closure SystemFIT2 Single-Pull and Double-Pull Shoe Closure System, disclosed in a first patent, and the FIT2 Squared-Cord Shoe Closure System, disclosed in a second patent, in addition to 2 registered trademarks and 2 logos created for brand/product identity use.

Meeting Flyer: Reinventing The Shoelace (pdf)

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