Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker:
Gopal Nandakumar

Combatting Porch Pirates and Revolutionizing the Fast Food Industry Using Cutting Edge Patented Technology

Gopal Nandakumar, a resident of San Antonio, Texas, is the inventor of the patented Authentication System that can be used for secured transactions such as card-less payments and password-less logins without merchants accessing sensitive information. Mobile App ‘MSL Wallet’ and web site are based on such an Authentication System. Gopal has 9 patents associated with the Authentication System.

Mr. Nandakumar is also the inventor of patent pending Smart Lockers that can be used to move goods securely from non-secured area to secured area and vice versa. In addition, Smart Lockers can be used to deliver packages thru driver-less vehicles. Smart Lockers can also be used to receive packages from drones safely. Mobile App ‘MSL Wallet’ and web site can also be used to manage Smart Lockers.

He will demonstrate how Smart Lockers along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept for in-store orders can be used to solve several problems faced by on-line and brick and mortar stores with considerable savings in labor cost and provide a better customer experience. He will also discuss the operation of the Authentication System and the related aspects involved in getting his 9 patents on the System.

Gopal holds a bachelor and master’s degree from University of Madras, India and a master’s degree from Georgia Tech, USA. He is an experienced software developer and system analyst and worked as independent consultant for more than 30 years with several fortune 500 companies.

Meeting Flyer: Combatting Porch Pirates and Revolutionizing the Fast Food Industry Using Cutting Edge Patented Technology (pdf)

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