Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker:
Chris Clyde

Innovating The World’s Most Advanced Wine Bottle

Chris Clyde, Founder of Carivino, will discuss their ongoing journey as first time entrepreneur and startup creating, designing and manufacturing their debut product - "The world's most advanced wine bottle." The story includes the proverbial “pivot” inspiration, early day prototyping, and the challenges they overcame leading up to their Kickstarter launch and campaign success (top 5% lifetime in funds and backers raised on Kickstarter – and a top 10 Kickstarter project based out of San Antonio). Chris will share his thoughts and "field notes" on keeping faith in yourself, your ideas, and how adversity is something to embrace rather than fear.

With several years into development, hear Chris speak with first hand insight and appreciation of the many practical approaches needed to work and solve the unexpected real-world problems startups face every day. When you learn to love journey, you can turn problems into virtues. Chris hopes to inspire inventors and creators to always see the positive in the challenges and obstacle they face.1 It was these very points that lead him to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 and became one of his most recommended breakthrough applications. Challenge breeds creativity and is the fuel for any inventor or entrepreneur.

Currently, Carivino is working on their second product line (and will provide an early sneak peek on this amazing new product). Carivino already has multiple patents pending status and several trademarks filed in the US and China. Carivino is currently in pre-production and working to launch two new products to market in 2019.

Before founding Carivino, Chris held the title of Director, Client Services Technology and Planning for CBS Corp in Los Angeles. He now lives in San Antonio with his wife and family.


Meeting Flyer: Innovating The World's Most Advanced Wine Bottle (pdf)

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