Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker:
Sean Michael Ragan

On Keeping It Super Simple

In an age saturated with whiz-bang technology, split-second marketing, and limitless crowdfunding hype, it's all too easy for inventors with big ideas to get in over their heads. Sean Ragan's presentation will focus on how to avoid the twin pitfalls of overreach and over commitment by retraining your brain to focus on ideas with substantive market value rather than superficial "marketability."

Mr. Ragan will present several instructive case studies of both successes and failures from the world of crowdfunded product development, as well as a two-question decision matrix that will help evaluate the feasibility of your ideas quickly, without any math. He will discuss the "dark forest" that stands between prototyping and mass production and demonstrate why it is the mathematics of manufacturing design that ultimately separates winners from losers in the hardware marketplace. Finally, he will explain the "one-part" principle and provide a gallery of inspirational minimalist inventions to illustrate his point.

Sean is a noted popular writer on science, technology, and entrepreneurship. As a longtime editor and contributor for MAKE Magazine and its online outlets, he has been a leading voice in the Maker Movement since its earliest days. In 2014, Sean launched Foundry Heavy Industries, FHI, a consultancy and media company dedicated to collecting, preserving and analyzing the experiences of independent hardware entrepreneurs and capitalizing on that knowledge base to educate inventors and investors alike. After FHI's sale in 2015, Sean started writing his first book, The Total Inventor's Manual, which was published by Weldon-Owen in 2016. His second book, the educational comic and kit How to Use a Breadboard, was published in 2017. His third book, Breadboard 'Bots , will be available in 2020. For more information on Mr. Ragan, click HERE.

Meeting Flyer: On Keeping It Super Simple (pdf)

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