Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 3463 Magic Dr

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Guest Speaker:
Amy Wees

From Concept to Launch - Proven Strategies to Success

No doubt you've been glued to the screen during a very compelling pitch on Shark Tank, only to see the sharks shoot down the idea in one of three ways: There's already a solution to that problem; There's not enough demand; and the dreaded "This business isn't scalable, you don't have the margins to make it happen." Jack Trout wrote the book "Differentiate or Die", considered by many as the bible of marketing in today's economy. Successful companies that follow this differentiation strategy include Apple, Lush, T-Mobile, Tesla, JetBlue, Dollar Shave Club, and Uber. As inventors, we are the Kings of differentiation, but solving a problem isn't enough, we must differentiate in a way that matters to the customer.

Today's consumer is enlightened, educated and aware. When a customer discovers your product online or in store, they are just a few clicks away from finding your competitors, researching price or reading reviews. To succeed you must differentiate yourself with unique features that add value. This is your USP - Unique Selling Point, and it's the key in communicating your concept and ensuring the successful launch of your product and scalability of your business.

Ms. Wees will break down the process to analyzing your idea to ensure your mousetrap is better than the others, explain proven ways to validate customer demand and teach you how to determine pricing and source your product at a multiplier that makes your business scalable and most importantly, profitable!

Amy Wees is the inventor of SiftEase, a better way to clean the cat litter box, and the CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting. Her coaching focuses on helping brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins and launch those products in E-Commerce with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

She shares her skills teaching classes at business organizations locally in San Antonio Texas, coaching entrepreneurs around the world through virtual coaching sessions at and through a formal business course teaching these fundamental concepts called the Canton Fair Experience ( She also covers these concepts on her E-Commerce Tips and Tricks podcast called "The Seller Round Table" (

Amy is an Expert Planner with 18 years military planning experience, she holds 3 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate Degrees. She is an Entrepreneur with 3 brands in the marketplace and more on the way, a Brand Builder, Inventor, and Patent holder. She's also a Teacher and Public Speaker, Search Engine Optimization Expert and Copywriter.

If you are an inventor, have a business and/or contemplating starting a business then you don't want to miss Amy's presentation - she's impressive!

Meeting Flyer: From Concept to Launch - Proven Strategies to Success (pdf)

San Antonio Technology Center (SATC)
3463 Magic Dr
San Antonio, TX 78229
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