Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker

Rueben Miller


The Story On Circ-it, Patents & A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Rueben Miller will tell the story on how he and his business partner, Dr. Hernandez, developed Circ-it, a complete hand-held fitness product, received related design and utility patents and achieved a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

After a painful back and neck injury, Reuben Miller found himself facing surgery. He opted for physical therapy in hopes of a more long term and healthy solution and met Dr Shane Hernandez as a result. The two became business partners as they created a fitness solution to help anyone at any fitness level get a complete workout anytime anywhere.

The most impactful goal while developing their product was BALANCE. The product was designed around sports science, helping even injured people regain strength and stability while providing several options for a quick and dynamic workout. The second goal was CONSISTENCY, which is key to results.

Reuben was also tired of skipping workouts due to business travel or other barriers to fitness. As a result, Reuben (a brand and product designer and former US Army MP sergeant) decided to get his certification as a personal trainer to help ensure that their fitness product would meet their design goals.

Following their design goal requirements and product concept, the two partners created Circ-It and formed their fitness startup, Fit Everywhere. After a successful KickStarter campaign, they are now in the process of launching Fit Everywhere to the world. They’ve also created an iOS and Android app that gives Circ-it added value everyday.

This presentation will go from pencil sketch, to patents, to a successful Kickstarter campaign and to a full on product launch.

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