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Alamo Inventors, a special interest group of Technology Connexus Association, welcomes you and invites you to participate with like-minded people from around the area in achieving success in your endeavors. Each month we have gatherings to collaborate, interact, inform and learn about inventing and entrepreneurship. ( read more )

Monthly meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of every month.
: From May through November 2017 the meetings will be held the FIRST Wednesday of the month.

The first hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm is for networking and getting to know each other.

From 6:30pm to 8:00pm is the monthly speaker where successful Inventors and Entrepreneurs help you understand how to succeed!

Monthly meeting:

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Public Invited

Guest Speaker:

Roy Paul Prosise


Your Invention Needs A Vision

Roy Paul Prosise is the Managing Director of Be Known Manufacturing LLC, a product development and manufacturing company with offices in Austin, Texas and in Asia.  BeKnown provides a “Turn Key” development solution for U.S. customers in development and manufacturing of plastic injection molded based products. Hi experience includes product concept design, engineering, rapid prototyping, testing, injection molds, injection molding, packaging, logistics and global sourcing. Roy has experience with all scopes of projects from inventor start up products to Fortune 500 company projects. He also has extensive experience in Design for Manufacturing and reducing manufacturing cost.

  Ideas need Vision to grow. Vision is the idea thought out so the path to a successful product can be seen. Without Vision, you cannot raise the interest and capital required for a product launch!  You need to define goals for your invention or idea. Are you developing a product for ego, license or to build a company? There is a certain set of tools required to express and sell your vision to others.

Bottom line is that the number one item all inventors and/or companies need is Money. And the people who have the money want to know if your idea will be successful! Investors do not want to finance an inventor’s learning curve so they have to be convinced you have the know-how. With an experienced team like Beknown behind your project is what investors buy into… not the idea!  Roy will present the process to transform an idea into a vision. He will outline the requirements to communicate an idea with others and show the path to bring a product from concept to market.

  BeKnown prides itself in designing based on timelines, resources, and time-to-market requirements. Their passion is growing businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors to develop and commercialize their products, taking them from concept-to-customer. You can learn more about Roy and his Beknown team at or emailing him at roy[AT]


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