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Alamo Inventors, founded in 2000, welcomes you and invites you to participate with like-minded people from around the area in achieving success in your endeavors. Each month we have gatherings to collaborate, interact, inform and learn about inventing and entrepreneurship. ( read more )

The meetings will now be held on the second Wednesday of the month through November of this year.

The first hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm is for networking and getting to know each other.

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Monthly meeting:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Public Invited

Guest Speaker:

Glenn T. McCain


The Travel Kozy™ Pillow, Concept To Reality

Glenn McCain is the inventor and marketer of the Travel Kozy™, a self-inflating Travel Pillow and will present how this unique pillow progressed from concept to reality. Glenn, is an architect by training but worked as a design and construction project manager where he travelled extensively 5 days a week on airplanes and trains and found that he could not get comfortable or sleep on his business trips even when using as many pillows as he could arrange and rearrange behind him. On one of these sleepless trips, Glenn started sketching his idea that would become the Travel Kozy™. On a long trip with his wife, Glenn let his wife, who has back problems, use his prototype pillow wherein she found the device to be extremely comfortable and supportive. Glenn then tried the device on the return trip home and found that he was able to quickly fall asleep as never before.

After retiring, Glenn read a story in the local newspaper about CMS Sports who worked with inventors to bring their invention to market, wherein he immediately contacted the company and within 6 months he had a production prototype. The prototype was then tested and refined to what is now the Travel Kozy™. The Travel Kozy™, which launched in October 2017, received its patent in about a year and just recently received its copyright. The light weight Travel Kozy™ is unique in its design, in that its firmness can be adjusted by its multiple valves and contoured shapes.

Selling mostly online, Mr. McCain is exploring several options on distributions and promotions. As he has seen, the Travel Kozy™ has substantial demand when properly demonstrated at fairs and other public functions. His next challenge is to get the Travel Kozy™ on network TV commercials. Shown on ABC TV in Utah, the Travel Kozy™ generated significant interest and sales from just one showing, reinforcing the idea that this product needs to be demonstrated via TV, social media video, etc. as opposed to just setting on retail shelf.

Note: This will be an interactive remote presentation.


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